I am so sick of females complaining about their bras. “This wire keeps poking me.”, “I can’t wait till I get home, and can get out of this stupid bra!”,  or  “My straps keep coming loose.” Really?!?! If it’s so damn uncomfortable or inconvenient, then why the hell are you wearing it? No one said you have to wear one. And if someone did, then not only are they an idiot, but they are completely wrong. Why would anyone wear something that causes them so much grief and then go on to complain about it? Please stop.

I don’t wear/own bras, but you don’t see me complaining about sweaty boobs. (One of the unfortunate consequences of not wearing one.) I just deal with it. I deal with my decisions. You should try it too.

The way I see it, you can get a bra that fits properly and is comfortable for you (good luck with that), or stop wearing bras and be free.

                                                     UPI (1969)

Choosing to wear a bra or choosing to be bra-free both have their ups and downs.

Wearing Bras

+ Helps you fit into certain clothes better.

+ They help disguise hyperactive nipples. (Not a medical term.)

+ Depending on how big they are, they can be good shock absorbers.

- They are uncomfortable.

- The cost adds up over time.

- It looks awful when people wear a top and you can see the outline or even the colour of the bra. (White shirt, black bra? Why?)

- False advertising.

Not Wearing Them

+ Feel free.

+ Save a lot of money.

+ No one has to listen to you complain about them.

- Sweaty boobs.

- You might want to invest in some kind of nipple covering. (If you care about people staring.)

At the end of the day, these are just my pros and cons. It all comes down to what makes you feel comfortable and what you want to do. Live your life. (And don’t complain.)

And then there’s the whole thing about modesty. Excuse you? What’s so immodest about breasts? Breasts are part of a lot of females whether you like it or not. Why should anyone be made to feel ashamed about their body? Bras don’t make you modest.

I am in no way 100% against bras, although I may have made it seem that way, especially to those who know me. I just hate the complaining that comes with it. I am actually on the hunt for a bra, because I would like to get back in dance and maybe even start running again.


Always remember,

Bras only stop boobs from sagging while they are being worn, but sagging will happen eventually.

It’s ‘bra-free’ not ‘braless’.

It’s your choice.

June is bra-free month. 


Snack Time

Frozen grapes and blueberries. I can't eat blueberries any other way.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Can we please take a moment to talk about the beautiful woman who goes by the name of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan? Well I will.

She has been all over the headlines recently because of her appearance at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. Many are complaining that she is taking too long to lose the baby weight, should have made more of an effort to get back to her pre-baby body or that she’s “let her fans down”. Really people? Can you please shut up? She is beautiful, always has been and always will be. It’s amazing to me how mean people can be towards others based on something as insignificant as one’s body shape.

Premiere of Cosmopolis, Cannes 2012
She is so beautiful and I love this dress on her.

I think she should be applauded for taking the time to be a mom. It’s refreshing to see a celebrity who doesn’t just hand their baby to some nanny so they can train like an Olympian to get back to her pre-baby body. Let the woman love motherhood and love life the way she wants. 

I have no intentions of having a human grow in side of me, but if I were to put my body through such torture, I would probably do things the Rai Bachchan way, and live my life.

AmfAR Cinema Against Aids gala 2012

I’m standing behind this woman 100 percent.  



On the 11th of this month, for the first time ever, I left the continent. I was on my way to sunny Jamaica. Although my parents are from this island nation, I have never really had an interest in going. But when my uncle moved back there earlier this year, I told him that I would go visit him there. He died a few weeks ago, and I knew I had to go to the funeral. He was going to be my reason for going to Jamaica, and he was. I just wasn’t expecting it to be like this.

As unfortunate as the circumstances were, I was fortunate enough to be staying there for a whole week after the funeral. A week of dealing with the death and of meeting a whole lotta family I’ve never met, and sometimes heard of, before. The trip wasn’t meant to be all bad. And it wasn’t…

For the first three days, I stayed at the Golf View Hotel with my mother and one of my aunties.

Here’s what I had for breakfast at the hotel…

On all three dishes there's Callaloo, dumplings and fried plantain. On the second, some kind of fried fish I think. And on the third, pickled salt fish.

Seriously? I don't know why we were taking pictures by the hotel pool. We never went in it.

Checked out of the hotel, and waiting for our ride. So tired. 

From the hotel, we stayed with our cousin and his awesome family. My cousin’s wife, Maxine, is a great cook. I have never been a big fan of Jamaican curry dishes. I used to prefer Indian and Japanese curry dishes, but Maxine changed that. And ackee and salt fish two times in one week!?! When can I go back?

Here’s some Jamaican money…

I don’t have the $50 bill or the $1, 25¢ or 10¢ coins.

And here’s $40.
But not really. 

(What a flattering picture of me, huh?) This was taken at one of my aunt’s house. The heat was really getting to me. Maybe I couldn’t actually live in Jamaica. I’d pick winter over summer any day. Bring on the snow. 

One day near the end of our trip, my mom and I decided to be tourists. We drove through Allan Bamboo (Allan Bambu), took some pictures on the side of the road by the water, went to Lovers Leap and picked up dinner at Little Ochie

We stopped to take some pictures at Allan Bamboo.

Lovers Leap

Lovers Leap. A view from where Mizzy and Tunkey jumped.

The next day I went with my mom to visit a whole lot of people, and see the house she grew up in. 

That's the house. Coconut tree in the front yard. NBD

This dog kept trying to sneak up behind me. He was either trying to play with me or kill me. I guess I'll never know. 

If you know me, you know I hate flowers. But I ended up taking a lot of pictures of nature.

It's hard to believe that something so cute can be so tasty. I want one as a pet. Promise I'll never cook it. 

That look on my face is what fear looks like. I was so scared to bring him closer to me. They're not so cute when they grow up.

There's a first time for everything.

Last one,
I took this in front of my cousin's house. 


Pacific Mall

Yesterday I finally made my way down to Market Village and Pacific Mall. I was so happy to be back there. Last time I went, I was really pressed for time.

First I made went into Market Village. I love this place because it’s not as crowded and loud as Pacific Mall. There are a couple of stores in there that I really like, and the first of them that I went into was awesome. The first thing I saw was six baskets filled with mostly O.P.I Nail Lacquer. The deal for them was, buy 5, get 1 free. And at $1 each, I ended up walking away with two dozen. My shopping day was off to a great start.

3.75mL, I love small bottles of nail polish.

Now on to Pacific Mall, I really wanted to get a new case for my phone, preferably Hello Kitty or Keroppi themed. No such luck. This mall is obsessed with the overrated iPhone, and almost nobody had cases for the Galaxy Ace. And the few stores that do have cases for my phone only had plane ones. Looks like I need to be paying ebay a visit.

I may not have gotten a Hello Kitty phone case but I did get plenty of other hello kitty related stuff. 

かわいいイヤリング. $5 each pair. 
Hello Kitty Beanie Baby – I’d wear that dress.  

Phone plug thingy and an eraser.

I also got the movie, 1911. I remember watching the preview for this movie a while ago. I prefer Jackie Chan in Chinese movies over Hollywood movies.

I bought two J-Dramas, Absolute Boyfriend (絶対彼) and Q10. Have any of you guys seen these ones? Are they any good?

OH WAIT!!! I forgot to mention why I took the trip to these malls in the first place. Yeas I really love them and wanted to spend some money. But my number one goal was to get the Japanese version of BIGBANG’s Alive. I got BIGBANG 2 from this one store in P-Mall a long time ago, and I figured they would have this version of the album. But no. when I talked to the lady who works there, she said she would have to order it.  I would have been all game for that, until she revealed to me that I would be dropping a bill and a half. Does the mini album not come on it’s own? I really love BB, but I could do without the DVDs , posters and whatever else comes with it. So this was clearly the biggest disappointment of the day for me. I love BB. I am one of the crazy VIPs who stayed up almost all night and skipped a class, all just to help push the Blue MV to 10 million views before the clock struck 12am in Korea.

And while we’re on the topic...

Dear YG Entertainment,

Please tell us when the boys will be coming to Toronto for their Alive tour. Kaythanksbai.

Yours truly,

Winter (VIP)

And back to P-Mall. The final purchase, my first ever pair of contact lenses. The store where I bought them is the first place I stopped into in the mall. The lady told me the price and I thought about it throughout my whole mall trip. And finally right before I was about to leave, I decided to go back and buy a pair. 

Geo Magic Color Lens OL-104 
Can't wait to try these!

Well that’s it for that trip. I think I did pretty good. 

Song Of The Day

Last Farewell (마지막인사) - BIGBANG

There's something about this song. I love the way it sounds boarder line out of tune. 


My Turn

This blog was not supposed to start when it did. I’ve been wanting to get one on the go for the longest time, but didn’t think I cared enough to put the effort into it. But yesterday, with that sleepless night ahead of me and nothing to do, I figured it was time.

I wanted to start a blog because I have a lot to say, but not many people in my life care to take the time to hear it. I’m always the one doing the listening. I’m not mad about that, but it can be draining. Why can’t it be a about me more often?

Well it is now. I figure, someone, somewhere out there will want to hear what I have to say. I love tweeting and tumbling, but twitter is for the small random thoughts that pop into my brain (and there are a lot), and I focus my tumblr account on pictures and gifs. This blog will be a combination of my tweets stretched out to actually make sense, with a little bit of the stuff that makes me smile and laugh.

I mentioned in my first post that I have recently returned from Jamaica. I’m working on a post about that. (Hopefully up by Friday.) There will be pictures.

Sneek peek,


Sleepless Night

I’ve calmed down, so now I will type. I have been attacked by spiders, and it all started like this.

This past Monday when I returned from Jamaica, I noticed a dead spider on the floor of my room. I thought that was strange, but whatever, I moved on with my life. Then later in the night, before I went to sleep, I noticed a spider crawling on the wall above my closet, which is on the opposite side of my room from my bed. I wasn’t very comfortable with that, but I let it be and slept in my room anyways. Traditionally, if there’s a spider in my room and I can’t get someone to remove it or I’m too lazy to get the vacuum and get myself, I don’t sleep in my room. I am terrified of spiders. Those creatures are one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen.

24 hours later, as I lay in my bed watching Green Lantern, I saw something out the corner of my eye moving across my pillow. So I calmly got up, turned on the light in my room and removed my computer, phone, mp3 player and baby blanket off my bed. The spider then began to speed across my bed only to come to a sudden stop just a few seconds later. I quickly picked up a plastic shopping bag and held it by the spider. It then dropped, or jumped, into the bag and I swiftly moved the bag away from by bed. But me not being the brightest of the bunch, dropped the bag on some boxes that are in my room, and before I could pick it back up and remove the bag from my room, the spider crawled it’s way out. So I decided to zip up my suitcase and return to the movie. What are the chances of that thing making it’s way back to my pillow?

Less than three minutes after I had settled back into my bed and gone on with the movie, I saw something move across my pillow, so again, I turned on the light and removed my things from my bed. Only this time I stood in the middle of my room staring at this spider and assessing the situation. While I was doing that I saw a reflection in my mirror moving. I quickly turned around and saw another spider crawling on the wall. I looked at my then the wall. Bed. Wall. And maybe again, bed, wall. Clearly I would not be sleeping in my room.

I gathered my things, went downstairs, informed my brother and sister of my ordeal, set up shop on the couch, and finished watching Green Lantern. Notice this blog continues.

Approximately an hour and a half after the movie, I was checking my emails, twitter and tumblr account. Just living my life. Then suddenly, something starts moving across my keyboard. (The lights are off and I only have the light of my computer, but I knew it was a spider.) So me, still being shaken by the events of the night, dashed my computer to the floor and run to get the light. As I look upon my beloved computer, I see the attacker removing itself from the scene. Can someone please tell me what’s going on?

I checked my computer, and it’s running just fine. And no word of a lie, as I type this sentence, another spider (or maybe the same last attacker), is going up and down it’s web across the room from me.

I just want some sleep, but I know I won’t get any. And with that, I shall continue to roam the internet and think of a way to take back my bedroom so I don’t have to have another sleepless night.