Sweet Potato Apple Mash

I wanted to cook the salmon that I had in the freezer and I was craving sweet potatoes the other day. But I also wanted to use up an apple. I have come to hate apples recently, but I know they’re good for me so I buy any ways and I had to find a way to eat them. Here's what I came up with.


1 Sweet potato

1 Apple

1 Salmon fillet

Cabbage (however much you want)


Gochukaru (red pepper powder)

Brown sugar

Salt (optional)

*Gochukaru – I bought this when I was in Toronto this summer at H-Mart. Almost every Korean recipe I’ve done calls for this. I’ve used so much already, but it’s only just under the label line. It’s packed so densly. Good thing the expiry date is so far away. How can I finish myself?

Peel the potato and apple and cut them into chunks. Throw them into a pot with about a half cup of water. Don’t have to cover with water. Cook until mashable.

When it comes to the seasonings, I have no measurements for you. I’m really bad like that. This is how much I used for the potatoes and the salmon. I won’t put the sugar in the mash next time though. Just the gochukaru. Sprinkle the sugar mixture onto the salmon. I threw the rest of it into the mash. (You won’t need as much as in the picture, unless you want some in the mash too.)

Cut the cabbage into shreds while the potato and apple are cooking. I used about an eighth of a cabbage, but that doesn’t really mean anything cause they come in all sizes. Cook the cabbage the same way you did the potato and apple, with a little water at the bottom of a pot. 
*I cooked the cabbage plain because there's already so much flavour in the salmon and mash.

Now time for the salmon. Little bit of oil in a frying pan, and cook until it’s done. Whatever that means for you. I like my salmon cooked through.

It tastes just as good as it looks. Maybe better.



Midterms Are Over!

I’m in a really good mood right now. Last week was just awful. I had a test, quiz, in-class paper and assignment due. One thing for each class. I was still super stressed and freaked out from last weekend and I couldn’t study. So I go to write my Philosophy paper on Thorsday, and I cried and freaked for about half an hour during the test until it finally clicked and I thought of something to write. I think I did an ok job considering I know nothing about philosophy. I just find the readings entertaining. 

Friday was the killer day. First I had a test for Buddhism. I purposely didn’t study for this test because last year I took the Japanese religions course. Buddhism is in Japan so there had been a lot of information repeated in this course about the beginnings of the religion and whatnot. So I walk in all confident and then I look at the test and I start to freak out. I knew that I knew the answers, but I was so stressed. I love how my Prof. sets up tests. It seems easier to jump around the test to answer questions. Answering what you can, moving to something else, coming back to add something… Everything comes in pieces. So I wasn’t feeling too bad after that.

I didn’t even do the assignment for Hinduism. There was no time. And then there was the Linguistics quiz. I studied what I could for this one, you know, the day of. But I couldn’t get through everything. So the water works turned on again for this one. The difference between these tears and the tears over the Philosophy paper is, I knew the readings for that course. For Linguistics, I didn’t know all the words I needed to know. I didn’t know the morphemes I needed to know. I just didn’t know what I was doing. There was no bullshitting for this one.

Turns out that I passed my Buddhism with an 84%. I got full marks on six of the eight short answer questions and lost a couple of marks on the fill in the blanks section. I guess I really do know what’s going on. I also passed the Linguistics quiz. I got 50%. I know a 50 isn’t great. But I was so defeated after that quiz. At the end of class, I told my Prof. that I failed. I was so sure. No better feeling than passing something you’re sure you failed. So excuse me while I smile like a fool about this mark. (I’ll never get a mark that low again though.)

So tomorrow I find out about Philosophy. I felt ok after that one, so maybe I’ll have done worse than I thought. >.< Hope not 

Ok, so here’s a picture of Dominion. Sorry for the raindrop, I promise it says Dominion. I’m posting this picture because I’ve been trying to explain to people back home, and even here, that Dominion here is actually Loblaw. Not related to Dominion (Metro) despite the name. See the symbol? That’s Loblaw. Dominion (Metro) doesn’t exist here. Just Sobeys. I hope this makes sense.

Anywho, thanks for reading. Recipes to come. 

Oh! One more thing. Another reason I'm so happy right now is because of all the views I've been getting over the past couple of days. (Every other day too of course.) But I feel like it's the Olympics again with all this traffic. Like woah, people actually care to read what I'm writing, bad grammar and all. I know The Outerspacerz have something to do with it as well, so thanks guys. I really appreciate it. 




The second in my series of TT posts. 

This list is not in any order.

Tonight - BIG BANG (Korean and Japanese version)

x x x
I was so shocked when I first heard the Korean version cause I got the Japanese album before I bought the Korean single. So different. And why do they always use so much English on their Japanese tracks?

Memory Box - Crystal Kay 


When I first bought on iTunes, this track didn't work. How devastating for me. Crystal Kay is my favourite Japanese artist, and I had been waiting for this album for so long. But this song was worth the extended wait. 

이바보 - Wonder Girls
I don't usually listen to Wonder Girls, but they are my introduction to K-Pop so I always give them a try. This song is fun and I love the bass. Never too much bass.

Anna Sun - Walk The Moon

I know this might sound weird, but this is my mourning song. I had the BIRP! playlist on shuffle or something, and this song popped up when I was thinking about my uncle.

Heiwa - Rize
Rize was my introduction to Japanese music. I love these guys, and this song is one of my favourites from them. Actually, I think it's the first song I heard from them.

You Are Loved (Don't Give Up) - Josh Groban
This song reminds me of Steinbach. Can I marry this man? What an amazing voice.

The End Of The World - Lupe Fiasco
Best rapper alive? I think so. Great song. Great mix tape.

Innerkip - The Outerspacerz

The amount of talent that has come out of my high school is astounding. I am so proud of these guys. They just released an EP which you can conveniently download here for free.  This song is so beautiful. I have had it on repeat ever since I downloaded the EP. It's probably one of my favourite sings on this list. 
P.S. If you ever meet these guys, give David a big hug. haha He gives the best hugs. ^^

What Is Love - EXO-K

Exo is a new group created by SM Entertainment. I love every song on their EP. The vocals on this song gives me the chills. They are so talented. Good job SM.
(Sometimes you will see Exo-M. When you see 'K' it's the Korean part of the group and when you see 'M' it's the Chinese part. The leader of Exo-M is Canadian.)

Take Five - Dave Brubeck

What a classic. This song never gets old. 

Uprising - Muse

The lyrics. That voice. The weird instrumentals. I love everything about this song. 

I Love You - 2NE1
x x

Love at first listen. How can YG have so many amazing artists? I wish their world tour would have a Canadian date. Why doesn't Tablo put in a good word for us?

Until The End - Dru ft. Natasha Waterman
My favourite song from my cousin Dru. I'm loving the vocals on this track. And even though North American R&B isn't my thing, I always have this song on repeat. So good. 
New single out soon.

Numb - Linkin Park
Memories of when I used to love these guys. haha Not a fan of their last two albums. I used to be so obsessed with this song.

Same Love - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Mary Lambert

x x
Thank you tumblr for putting this on the radar. I don't usually give hip hop a chance, but once in a while I get pleasantly surprised. I remember when I first watched this video. I cried so much. Ok, who am I kidding? I still cry when I watch. Beautiful song, beautiful message. 

Redemption Song - Bob Marley & The Wailers
I can listen to this song all day. First heard it from I Am Legend at end credits. 

Lie To Me - Jen Lane

The perfect Saturday song by a very talented Canadian artist. Brings back memories of Chisasibi.

Of All Days (오늘따라) - T.O.P


By far the best song on the GD T.O.P collab album. I'm still waiting for a full length solo album from this guy. His voice is orgasmic.

Where The Wild Things Are - Far East Movement ft. Crystal Kay
Queen CK is on the list twice. This song is the North American debut for her. She has been having a great year. So many singles and she made this list twice. haha Good job CK! 

Zebra (Beach House) - Yellow Ostrich
Yes, I like the Yellow Ostrich version better than the original. Don't judge me. Such a beautiful song.

If I made this a playlist, I wouldn't skip a song. I have awesome taste in music. True story.

What's your 20? Tweet me some songs or leave your list in the comment section.

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I Have a Problem

I bought another pumpkin. The problem? Decorative pumpkins aren't the best to cook with. Apparently not the best taste. I probably should have looked that up before I bought. But they’re so cute. 

Maybe I should buy a regular pumpkin and mix these one into a recipe. Please give suggestions. 

Ok, two problems. The coffee sold on campus tastes like shit, and I can't drink it any more. Thankfully, they have lowered the price of coffee at the store so I bought some. I'm very happy about that, but I also bought a honeydew melon. 

$11.98 for these extra two things!! And no discount yesterday. Only get discounts on Tuesdays. Could have saved nearly $5 on my entire grocery bill if I wasn't so tired on Tuesday.

Also realised that they tax me for ornamental pumpkins, but not the coffee. Weird. It should be other way around.

Oh! Yesterday I bought a new shelf for my room. I feel so much more organised now.

Yes, I keep some food in my room. I live with other people and I've used up all my space in the kitchen. >.<

Ok, now look at this cute emoticon... 

(; ・_・)―――――――――C<―_-)

It's like, "Excuse me while I pick at your face." haha I love it.

Anywho, send me recipes for the pretty pumpkins!




So I bought some pumpkins the other day because pumpkins. I have no idea what to do with these things. I just really like they way they look. 


Can someone please send me some pumpkin recipe ideas? NO LATTES!!

I know I promised to be super productive this weekend, but I witnessed something horrendous on Saturday night, and I’m not ok with life. I’m ready to just quit everything I’m involved with, extracurricular-wise. I feel like I’m back in Toronto, but worse. Didn’t know it got worse than Toronto. (At least in Canada) Anywho, I did manage to get my pix from Cape Spear up on my photoblog. Check them out here.

On Saturday, before the incident, I went shopping with a friend. Food, thrift store and sex shop. Dafuq? I got ID’d at the sex shop! Good times were had though. I’m so excited that I finally found jeans that fit! Still have major hate for the big stores out there. Click here to see what I was dealing with this summer.

I slept all day Sunday cause I was too distraught. Got up to shower and pee. That’s it. No food. No water. No internet. So depressing. But my friend was supposed to be coming over on Monday for food and chill times. I made brownies, squid soup (오징어국) and seafood pancakes (해물파전). So good.

Lots of cabbage in this. I know that’s more Japanese style, but it’s a good filler for when you don’t want to use up all your seafood mix in one day. Made dipping sauce for it too. I should post a recipe for this. Everyone who tried liked it and the soup too.

Oh. I just realised that this post is all out of order. Hope you can follow. Maybe read over twice. I don’t want to reorganise.



Long Weekend

Oh hey there. It’s been a while. Well not really. Just a week. It’s been a busy week. Four of the past five days I didn’t get home until really late. I’ve been so tired. But I have a bit of a break. Most people have Thanksgiving long weekend now. I have Thanksgiving extra long weekend. Don’t have to go back to school until Wednesday. Makes me sad though. If I’m not in school, what am I doing? Oh, I know! I will blog. I have so many things piling up. For this blog and my photo blog, which has sadly been neglected for at least a month. Really sorry if you like that one. I have some pictures to share from the hike I did last Sunday. 

Here’s a preview to hold you over… 

Getting further away. Apparently we ended up walking about 9km. Pretty good considering that was my first hike since Katimavik.

I always get jealous when I see such beautiful pictures people take of Newfoundland. I’m so happy I finally got to take some for myself. 

I will also try to post a recipe this weekend. Pictures are ready. Just to type. Follow me on twitter here for your daily dose of over share.

Thanks for reading.