I'm Back

Oh hey there!! I'm still alive. But you would already know that if you follow me on twitter. If you not following me there already, start. Anywho, October was a hellish month, the worst of my life, so I stopped making time to blog. Not understanding what’s going on in half my classes, death in the family, Lucasfilm sold themselves to the devil Disney, suffering from some mystery sickness… I could go on, but not. So yeah, blogging was not a priority.

Trying to think what I missed. So much has happened. Can’t give full update cause I can’t remember. >.< This is why I should blog, I forget my life if I don’t record it. 

I do remember how excited I was in the first two days of November, despite still being sick. My two favourite bloggers replied to me on twitter!!

A little personal eh? lol Maybe one day I will do full post and send her of all the main reasons why I won't do it.

Qiuqiu has replied me before on her blog and twitter, but never Xiaxue. I was silently freaking out.

I discovered James Vincent McMorrow. Yes. I discovered him. No one knew him before. Go buy all his music.

Day of the election, I posted on fb that if Romney wins I'll finish watching Avatar. Thank goodness he didn't win cause that movie is awful. You did good America. Don’t know how anybody could sit through that movie. I also let the world know of my secret crush on Biden. Obama’s charming and all, but Biden…

Ok, he’s married. I won’t even go there.

And then, I just had the most amazing long weekend cause my best friend came to visit me. So much love. I'll blog about that soon. 

So that’s what I have been up to as of late. I've really missed blogging and am super happy to be back at it.

Ok, now to do a little journaling…

I have come to the realisation that I am insanely antisocial. To the point of frustration. I don’t know how I came to make any friends here, but I feel like I have stuck to my comfort zone and I won’t branch out. Maybe I'm too consumed in tumblr. Doesn’t matter why, just want it to change. How do people make new friends? Help me please. I've been really bad this semester. I haven’t done much that I enjoy. I started going back to Rotaract at the beginning of the semester, but the time change wasn't working for me, and more importantly, I realised that I don’t feel like I belong. I've been getting that a lot in everything I do. How can I be a part of a group for a year and still feel left out? Really shitty feeling. But I feel the same with the mentors program and queer choir too. I am avoiding a potluck at this very moment. The thought of forcing myself into social situations just isn't appealing. I always regret and feel shitty during. Only thing in common thing here is me. I’m extremely uncomfortable more times than not, and then I withdraw to my room. So lonely, and I know it wouldn’t be any different if I were still living in Toronto. How many times did I go out with friends this past summer? Not much. Probably could count on one hand.

And then there’s school…

Dafuq is happening to me?! Linguistics was supposed to be my easy course and I am struggling. I hate everyone who told last year that first year is the most difficult. You all lied!! Move from me. Last year English killed me, but that was expected. Everything else was manageable or even easy. This year, no such luck. I'm also clueless in my Hinduism class. Professor keeps jumping back and forth centuries at a time. NO!! Give me a timeline. Philosophy has been a shocker though. It was supposed to be my more challenging course, but instead I'm thinking of switching from Religious Studies to Philosophy. Such a mind fuck this field is, but it’s fun. My dad laughed when I told him about this. Can’t get support? Only a day later my Philosophy prof. inadvertently made me realise that I should just do whatever the fuck I want in school. haha I can see the disgust on his face now of when another student was toying with the idea of not doing Philosophy major or minor cause worried about it being a teachable. Why bother go to school if you not doing what you enjoy? When I was in grade eleven and thinking about going to York, I had my mind set on doing a double major in Philosophy and Dance. Well I can’t do Dance at MUN, but Philosophy is here, so why not? Also, the department is really chill. All the profs are so friendly and approachable. I'm not even in the department yet and only taking one course, but so many of the faculty know me. Every department should do meet-and-greets. A grand idea.

I can see Cape Spear from here!!!

Super yummy dessert from Rocket Bakery last weekend.

That's all for today. So sorry for being absent for so long. But I'd been checking occasionally to see my numbers, and I know you guys have been reading. I can't believe it's been a month!!  Thank you so much. Regular blogging to come.