Grow Up Laci Green

Oh dear. Excuse me while I deal with the fact that my internet life is falling to pieces. First Jenna Marbles, then Cassey Ho and now Laci Green. So sad that these women go on the way they do. So ignorant. For what?

Here's the stupidness that started it all the other day…

Unfollowed ¯\(°_o)/¯
First comment done jokingly, second asking legit question, third brushing it off casue she wasn't going anywhere with this. I wasn't sarcastic, rude or offensive with my language. I really was unfollowed for disagreeing with her. So childish. Cutting people out of your life over something as simple as a difference in opinion doesn't get you anywhere. Life is full of disagreements. All I wanted was the proof behind what she was saying. If you're going to present something as fact then be prepared to back it up, otherwise it's just an opinion regardless of how legit it may or may not sound. That you cannot handle?

Really would have left it alone, but then someone on tumblr brought some links to my attention. Apparently Laci acting like a child is not a new thing. She really doesn't like it when people don't agree with her.


1 Rude or not?
2 Putting her in her place
3 Have fun with this one
4 I found another

Confirm it's you not me. I feel better now. Why can't the people on the interwebs that I look up to, respect and support be a little more rational and level headed? Also assuming you unfollowed me on tumblr too because you either came across my blog though your tag or because I disagreed with your stupid post about tumblr changes. My money's on the former.

So I have decided to unfollow Laci on all social media platforms. I know she won't care. It's not my aim to make her care. Only once before I got upset for someone unfollowing me. But chances are he unfollowed because he's more of a positive tweeter and not as keen to make a fuss. Whereas I am always ready to call people out on their bullshit. But I still follow him cause he's a good person and I know he's not being rude to people for no reason. That's the difference. Laci doesn't get unfollowed because she unfollowed me. She gets unfollowed because she treats people like shit. If I continue to follow her I'm condoning her disgusting and childish behaviour. Cannot do. I am so happy this has all been brought to my attention, cause I would have continued to support this woman blindly. I used to be so confused by all the Laci hate, but I get it now. You brought it upon yourself. Keep digging.


  1. She wasn't being rude or treating you like shit. Admittedly she was being a little pedantic but that's kind of her job.

    1. I know she wasn't being rude to me or treating me like shit. If you follow the links in this post you'll see that she treats other people like shit. Sorry if that wasn't made clear to you.

  2. From reading the transcript, it looks like YOU are the one who wants to argue not her. You asked her a question, she gave you an answer. You did not like her answer, so you asked her to "prove it" and she did. If you are upset with her because you disagree with her or because you do not understand her point of view it is your fault not hers.

    1. In case you missed the words in bold...
      "Laci doesn't get unfollowed because she unfollowed me. She gets unfollowed because she treats people like shit."

      I don't really care about what she did to me. I'm just archiving the childish events that lead me to see her true colours. So no, I'm not upset with her because I disagree with her or because I don't understand her point of view, I'm upset because she is a shitty person. How can I make this more clear to you? Or do you get it now?