Pre Departure: Part 3, On Packing

Let’s start with clothes.

This is what my bed looked like once I started organising my clothes into piles...

Coming with, maybe, probably giving away/throwing out and staying. These are the clothes that were on the top bunk. haha Still have some in laundry room, closet and drawers. Anywho, this task was a lot more difficult than I expected. Ever since Katimavik, I've had an easier time getting rid of stuff but there are still plenty of things that I've held on to. Things I no longer need or use but want to keep for sentimental value. Like my Pizza Nova shirt or the shirt my Dad brought back from Cuba. My Italy shirts my Mom bought me during FIFA 2002 or the tie dye shirt from one of my friend’s birthday party. How can I let these things go? UGH!!! My coming with pile was so small here, but then I went to buy a bunch of tees and tanks. -__-

Once the clothes part was done for the day, I moved on to books. I have too many books.

Ask me if I've even read half of them. My mistake was not reading them when it was easy for me. Had I known then that I would have so much trouble reading books in the future, I would have read them all. Most of my books I got when I was in grade school. Oh but the memories here too…

These are some of my favourites…

Stargirl is probably on top of that list.

And from high school...

And then there's the childrens books. wtf I'm so old.

Flip over and two new stories. I used to love this so much.

And my favourite of them all…

This copy I didn't buy until I was 13. My older sister has this book but I wanted a copy of my own. 

WHAAA!!! And then I'm on to the DVDs. ಠ__ಠ The plan was to bring one case of them. Only can hold 24 discs. I've got four workout DVDs, four dramas, (2 discs each), Energy Healing DVD and movies. Can't get down to just 24 so I cheat and doubled up on some.

The movies?

페어러브 (no clue what it's about) , The 40-Year-Old Virgin, 300, Once (newly added to favourites), Lars and The Real Girl, Apocalypto, District 9, Babies, Pan’s Labrinth, Finding Neverland, Peter Pan (2004), and Tropic Thunder

Good list or not?

Then all the stress with electronics. Soon I'll link to a post that I made for my school's blog. All about adapters, converters, hard drives and registering your electronics.

Also very busy with seeing people before I leave. Pottery painting, Korean food, birthday dinner & birthday party and Oscars. So busy. I kept on procrastinating to clean up my room and finish packing. I think if I'm super tired then I’ll sleep on the plane. Not something I want to do, but I don't want to be stressing for such long flights.

Also also, got my hair done again. Pix to come. No time right now.

Will be posting next time from Korea!!


Menstrual Cups: Round 2

This one's a lot shorter than the first one. Click here if you've missed it.

Day 1 

Woah!! That was easy. Well sort of. I recently started Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred and I was not impressed when my body decided to act normal for a change. I was a little too sore to do any squatting but it had to be done. I put the cup in after my workout in the shower. One shot and it was in! This time I decided to let it open as soon as it got past my hymen and before fully inserting, try to twist it a bit. WTF!! Still not happening. At least I don't think. I couldn't tell if the cup was moving or if my fingers were just sliding around the bottom. Either way, I felt like it was in better than last time. So I pushed it up and down a couple of times and hoped for the best. I was still feeling the pressure as before, but not as bad.

Day 2 

I actually had this thing in all night. No pain. No discomfort. No leaking. So shocked. But then I had to take it out. If you read my first post you already know that I can't get my fingers inside my vag and around the cup. So taking a cup full of blood out wasn't a fun experience. I had to bear down and pull on the stem, then once the base started to come out I had to squeeze it to break the suction and then continue to squeeze/fold so that it could come out. So with all that comes blood spilling everywhere. This was the messiest period since my first one. I was disgusted and frustrated. I hate blood and I certainly didn't want it all over the place, but there is no other way to get the cup out. I'm assuming men designed these things, cause it's really not practical. So after about 20 minutes in the washroom, I finally had this thing back in, and again, it was working out for me. Couldn't feel a thing. Had it in all day, no problem. Went through the horror of emptying it again at night, but this time in the shower. Still gross. Put it back in and good night.

I was also able to poo and pee with it in this time!! Although pooing took a little more effort than I would have liked.

Day 3 

I'd like to just forget this day even happened. I couldn't get it in properly and I was pissed. Last time this happened, I just stayed in bed all day. (I have this amazing ability to stay in one place once I fall asleep, so I never have to worry about period laundry.) But I actually had to go out. So I said fuck it, I'm still leaving this house. Thankfully it wasn't a heavy day, like almost completely stopped kind of days. But once I got back to the house, I needed to put it back in. Still not working. Livid. I knew this thing was too good to be true. But I left it in anyways, cause I wanted to do my work out and I figured leaking was better than an open tap. So after I worked out, I showered, took it out and went to bed. (And by went to be I mean laid on my bed and wasted time on the internet.) It's not easy to get anything done when there's no protection down there. And no, I will not alternate between the cup and tampons/pads. 

So I hate life. Trying to figure out why I'm constantly having to pay, in money and time, for the upkeep of a body/parts I never asked for and don't need/want. I didn't ask for boobs, but wearing bras are a choice and I choose not to waste my money on them. It's not that simple when a uterus is involved. Imagine all the ruined clothes. Either way, I'm gonna keep on trying with this thing. What other choice do I have right now? If I were staying in Toronto longer I would explore my options, but I have very limited time left here. When I get back, I will set things right with this body. I've had enough.


The cup is great when it decides to work and you're going about your day with no worries. But it's still way too involved if it has to be fully squeezed to be removed. When it doesn't work and bleached cotton is not an option, life sucks more than usual.


Pre Departure: Part 2

Snow Day 2013 

I'm tired. But that doesn't matter. I continue to watch The Lord of the Rings trilogy every night. It took me four nights to watch the first one. I've seen it before, but I couldn't remember anyone's name or what even happened. Then I think it took me another four nights to watch the second. Why so long? Very emotional one for me. But I really love it. And last night I started watching the last one. I hate movies like this. Gets you so emotionally involved and then gone. I know I have The Hobbit series to watch next, but that will come to an end too. It's like Start Wars for me. I love love love those movies, but I haven't yet watched Episode III. Don't judge me. haha I know, how can I call myself a fan and not even seen the whole thing and it's been out so long? I just can't do it. I don't want it to end. What will I be left with after? The new Disney ones? HA!! nOPE. So I might do the same for The Hobbit series. Just not watch the last one for a long time. But it might make the whole thing worser. Anywho, I keep saying Legolas out loud and in my head. haha What a great name. Maybe if I have a child with that name, it will all just continue on for me.

And then there's packing. What packing? Exactly. I had every intention to start packing for Korea and packing up my room, but I have a lot of shifts this week and I'm going to obviously use that as an excuse for being lazy. And then next week I'll be frantically running around everywhere trying to get my shit together and stressing out. And then more stressing out cause I hate planes and my second flight is 11½ hours. So I might arrive in Korea sick from exhaustion. That is a weird word. I will try to get as much work done as possible. I tried yesterday, but woke up sick and couldn't even get to the mall in time to go to the bank. Today will be better.

I can't remember what else I've been doing lately. I have no energy, but I feel like I haven't been getting anything done. *sad face* 

OH!! I got a message on tumblr saying that my Korean writing is very good. That made me so happy. I always get nervous when writing in another language, especially Japanese, cause I think it's too messy. But apparently not. 

I'm pretty sure I mentioned at one point here that I was getting my hair cut and dyed, but I failed to upload a picture. This is from last month… 

Love it? Well don’t get used to it cause I'm getting it cut again on Friday. And relaxed, cause I do not know how to manage this head of hair.


365: 29 - 35

Day 29: A date you’d love for someone to take you on… 

The whole idea of dating makes me uncomfortable, so no.

Day 30: 5 favorite girls names, 5 favorite boys names…

I'm adopting. This is not something I think about any more. When I was younger, I liked the names Naomi and David. Recently, I like the name Colby. But in general I usually don't like names that are restricted to one gender. We need to move on from that and stop forcing people into boxes.

Day 31: A bit about your social life outside of tumblr…

Social life? Oh, well I see my best friend when I can. I don't really live in Toronto anymore so I don't see her often. I forced myself to go to my work's staff party the other day, but I left early. Recently, that's about it. Back in St. John's I think I did a better job of meeting new people this past semester. I did avoid a lot of events though. If it’s not one-on-one, I don't feel comfortable. No crowds please.

Day 32: How many pictures do you have in your room?


Story time…

When I was younger and thought I was a boy/wanted to be a boy/liked chilling with boys more than girls, I tried to do “boy” things. So all boys like cars right? -__- Anywho, I actually collected pictures of cars, usually from calendars, and to be honest a lot of them were really nice. But for some reason I went to the book fair one day, and I bought this poster. Just so you know, I think this car is ugly. So here’s what I think happened…

I find, even today, that a lot of some men like the ugliest cars. Sorry, not sorry, but Ferraris are ugly. They just are, deal with it. So in my quest to be a boy, I probably thought that if I got a poster of an ugly car, I’d be well on my way to being a boy. I am not proud of this purchase, but for whatever reason, I haven't had the heart to take it down. And it’s not like it’s been on this wall ever since I got it. It has moved in my room. At one point it was on the door. I have had plenty of chances to remove this this, but no.

And then there’s this...

I don't even like Pikachu

Yes, I counted this as one picture because I am actually too lazy to count past six. This poster is actually my grade 12 English research project. Well, part of it anyway. We could pick any topic we wanted, so naturally I picked VIA rail. ಠ_ಠ Yeeeaah… I really didn't want to do this project. But then it hit me, I love Nintendo, so why not research it? *Did you know that Nintendo has been around since 1889? Also, when I did this project, they recently changed their logo from red to grey. I didn't actually know this until I did the project and wasn't impressed. Bitch move.* Anywho, this is the poster thingy I brought in along with our Super Nintendo, my brother's N64, my sister’s Game Boy Color, my GBA and my friend let me borrow her DS. All this to show a bit of the evolution of the company’s products over time. I think my teacher was impressed that the hand held games went from those square cartridges to SD card looking things. haha Ok, enough of that.

Day 33: Someone who really hurt you…

My roommate from first year

We'll call her Spider, cause I don’'t like spiders. Spider and I were so close the entire year and we were both really upset when we found out that I couldn't stay on campus this past semester. (Good thing I got the exchange.) So we parted ways for the summer break. She went back home and I came back to Toronto. We texted a bit over the break. September rolls around and I let her know that I'm back in St. John's and so we make plans to meet on the Friday. Friday comes and I text her,

Winter: "Hey Spider, I got everything done for the day. Can I come over now?"

Spider: "Hey. I'm actually at work right now."

ಠ_ಠ Really. You couldn't tell me before?

Wtf So I ask if she'll be done soon or if we should reschedule. She says we'll reschedule.

So I don't here from her for 3 days and I text her asking what's up. Nothing. Post on her fb wall maybe a few days later. Nothing. 20 days after our first convo I text her again cause I was close by. Nothing. Did I do something wrong? I was so upset. We were so close and then she just decides to dash me away for no reason. I've never once said anything bad about her to anyone, so I really don't get it.

So maybe a month or more later, I'm walking in the university centre. Guess who I see walking towards me? Yeah that's right, Spider. As we walked past each other, she smiled and said hi. W.T.F. She acted like nothing's wrong and we're chill. What is wrong with you?! I was so pissed. Like no, I don't want to see your face. I literally cried over this whole thing, and you think it’s ok to walk past me and smile? Fuck you. Never want to see her again.

Day 34: Your horoscope for today and whether you think it’s accurate…

Well since we're close to CNY, I'll use my Chinese Zodiac sign.


Soon you will see more evidence of improving financial prospects, but today you may have to put some wings and wheels on your plans. It's a day for action, for making big, loud announcements, and for getting things done! You'll be busy and energized today.

I don't see any more money than usual. Only action was my workout. No announcements. Only thing that got done was my shift at work.

Day 35: What is your favorite Poptart flavor?

It used to be strawberry, but I don't think I'd be able to eat those things anymore.

Questions from here


Pre Departure: Part 1

Oh hey there February!! I can't believe I'm less than a month away from going to Korea. So much to do still. I finally finished unpacking from St. John's. Now I have to figure out how to pack everything I need in one suitcase and one carry-on suitcase. By backpack is reserved for my laptop, money, documents… so this is going to be a tough one. I have decided to only bring one case of DVDs with me (holds 24 discs). This is not going to be easy considering that when I go away for school I bring five to seven cases. All full. Four spots are already taken up by workout DVDs. 

I'm really happy that I don't wear bras so I save so much space in my suitcase. Also only bringing one stick of deodorant (emergencies?). So much saved space cause I don't have to worry about these items. Although, I am bringing shampoos and conditioners. Talk about a weight killer. I'm not even going to risk it. Yes, I know there are black hair salons in Itaewon. But a) I don't know how much their products will cost, b) I'm not going to go get my hair done every week and c) I don't want to go to Itaewon. So I must be prepared.

Still trying to figure out exactly which shoes I should bring. My show size is the biggest that most Korean stores have plus my feet are wide, so must be prepared for that too. And then I gotta bring clothes. Yeah, that's a good idea. I've been on the go for the past two years now, and I still can't pack. But in my defence this is the longest trip I've ever taken so far. And when I was doing Katimavik, I sent stuff to Toronto and I had things sent to me. Possible still, but super expensive. So no.

I still have to buy an external hard drive, hair straighter and adapter thingy for my electronics. Seriously though, what's that called? I think that's it for buying stuff. I just need to pack up my room and my suitcases.

I picked my seat when I bought my ticket and when I checked the next day; I saw that someone decided to sit right next to me despite the fact that there were empty rows all over the plane. Not cool. So I changed my seat and again, two days later someone picked a seat beside me. There are whole empty rows people!! wtf Still right now, four empty rows. -__- And this is the longer flight I'm talking about too. My five hour flight is just over half full and plenty of empties all over, so I'm by myself still. But my second one is what I'm talking about. 11½ hours sitting beside stranger!!! I will be getting up every hour to walk so sucks to be you.

Got Seoul City Guide app for my phone. So much information. Shows maps, where to eat, hotels, shopping, day trips… And all offline app too!! 

Ok, that's all for now. ^^