Nice To Meet You

One year!!! I started this blog a year ago. I didn't realise how much time this thing would take up. >< But I love it anyways. My blog has been a bit sad lately. Been having a rough time, and I really thought that this week would be a lot better. Instead I've dealt with shitty attitudes, rude comments and still stressing about what’s going on back "home". But I want this to be a happy post, cause this is a happy occasion. So here’s a couple of stories that've made me smile recently…. 

May 17th, 2013

This was a lazy day. May or may not have drank a little too much the night before. (school festival) I did two things this day; go to lunch with Daniel (one of my closest friends here) and attempted to save Daphne from waiting for someone who wasn't going to show up.

While I was at lunch with Daniel, Gyumi came in with a group and she asked me to give Daphne a message. She wouldn't be able to meet her at main gate like they'd previously planned. I had no way of making sure that she'd get this message and she didn't come home between the time that I got back and the time that she was supposed to meet Gyumi. So I headed out to main gate for five.

On my way there, two boys, probably around 10, were coming in my direction. One on a bike and the other walking. As they got closer they both said hi to me, and I said hi back. After that, I can't remember which one was saying what…

Boy 1/2: "Nice to meet you."

Me: "Nice to meet you too."

Boy 1/2: "어디에서 왔서요?" (Where are you from?)

Me: "캐나다에서 왔습니다." (I"m from Canada.) haha Why I responded so formerly to kids?

Boy 1/2: "Ahh!! Canada?"

Me: "네." (Yes.)

Boy: "Ok, thanks. Bye." "Bye."

Me: "Bye."

haha And that was it. They continued on their way. They never really stopped to begin with, just slowed down a little. So cute. 

Also, Daphne did get the message. haha So I ended up waiting for no one.

May 22nd, 2013

Yesterday I was eating dinner with Daniel. we might as well be food buddies We had
"spicy" chicken steaks. 

-__- Not spicy 

Once we finished eating, these two women say hi to us. They asked if we're Kyung Hee students, and when we told them yes, they got all excited. lol They’re seniors here. They were so excited to meet us and as usual, super impressed that I'm from Canada. haha Why so many love Canada so much? One of them wants to go there soon.

Any who, they were asking us questions about what we're studying and they wanted to know if we wanted help with Korean. The universe is on my side. Of course I want help with Korean. So we exchanged contact info, and made a date to meet up on Monday. One hour of them helping us with Korean and one hour of English free talk. lol They weren't going to commit to an hour of just talking in English.

So random but so cute. I wish I was this brave to just go up to people randomly and tell them I want to be their friend and study with them. haha

Ok random picture of me at doggy café. 

These bitches wanted nothing to do with me at first.
ಥ◡ಥ Buddy in the back was super cute 

Thank you so much to all my readers, following and otherwise. Just a couple days ago I see a sudden surge in views and started to tear up. haha Like wow, people actually care about what I have to say. You guys are awesome. And to think that this all started with spiders...

Don't forget to follow me on tumblr and twitter. Lots of love. ^_^



April 3, 2013. 

On the way to pick up our ARC cards. An aunty sits beside us (Daphne and another) on the subway, and I notice her look over at the small group of foreigners sitting to her left. She reaches into her bag and takes out a pack of mints or candies. Still don't know what they were. And she nudges me and puts three in my hand while pointing to Daphne and buddy as though to share with them. So I thank her in Korean and pass along the candies. After tasting, I told her it tastes good in Korean, and she gets all impressed and asks if I speak Korean. I tell her I'm a beginner and that I'm here studying on exchange. She then asks me how long I've been here. “One year?” she asks. “No, just one month.” And she's all happy and impressed with my Korean, tells me that I'm good. I thank her again. When we get up to leave aunty says bye to me in English. haha so cute. Almost every time I talk to someone older in Korean they finish with either a thank you or goodbye in English. (Thank you if I'm buying something from them.) I love it.

I'm really happy this happened cause I was a little put off by all the ignorance I had to listen to during lunch. haha Let me leave it there.


You Need To Stop

***I typed this up over eight hours ago and I've had it sitting on queue just in case I think I'd regret posting it later. But fuck it. This needs to be said.***

"I didn't sleep last night. You probably shouldn't talk to me today."

This was my fb status this morning. Unfortunately someone didn't get up early enough today or didn't check fb before leaving for school. I'm already in a shitty mood. Was up all night stressing, crying and trying to figure a way to never have to go back to Canada. Then I get to class and I get schooled on my own life. wtf This isn't the first time either. So I was just about ready to smash something.

I will be the first to talk about how much I don't like Canada. If you're foreign to Canada and want to know about all the country has to offer, I'm NOT your person. I usually only see the bad. And it's difficult not to when I'm always seeing it or hearing about it. 

So today in class I make a comment about a very real safety issue in Canada and was literally laughed at. ಠ_ಠ Are you fucking kidding me!?! Who the hell are you? Then to go on and tell me about what life's like in Brazil. What the fuck does Brazil have to do with anything!?! We're not talking about Brazil and we're not comparing. You wanna know why we're not comparing? You've never been to Canada and I've never been to Brazil. So I have no right to talk about your country and you have no right to talk about mine. You have no fucking clue. You can listen to stories and read stats all you want, but you've never lived there. You cannot tell me about what life is like in Canada. You cannot tell me what MY life is like. Know your fucking place. Why some people so damn keen to talk about something they have no experience with?

I have never doubted anything you tell me about Brazil cause I am in no position to say anything about it. Outside of soccer, plastic surgery and hot weather, I know nothing about your country. So how would you like it if I come to you and start talking about issues in Brazil? How would you like it if every time you told me about a problem you have, I laughed in your face and went on to talk about how much worse it is somewhere else? That's fucking rude. That's disrespectful. You really can't see this?

Do you really think I just sit around all day and think of terrible things to say about Canada? You think I'm that bored with life? I wouldn't say these things if they weren't true and you have no right to laugh at my lived experiences. And the sarcastic comments and the end of the conversation... This one really necessary is it?

At the end of the day, you don't know me. So don't think it's ok to try to teach me about my life. You really don't know how good or bad I have it, so stop your nonsense. 


Three Weeks

wtf These past three weeks have been crazy. Starting from my birthday. I had a really good time, but I lost my phone. Next day wasn't much better, getting really shocking news. Then dorm stress again. And I was sick and had to deal with doctors and hospitals. Shit! I have have to make my insurance claim. >< And then I had to take a crap load of medication that messed up my sleep. I could barely stay up during class and ended up drinking multiple coffees during class. Still useless. 

I'm still doing bad in class. Korean is so difficult. But in a I-told-so kind of way, I'm happy. When I was last learning French, everyone told me that I wasn't putting an effort into it and they thought the only reason I did really good in Japanese and not French is because I didn't want to learn French. According to them, I took up Japanese fast cause I wanted to learn it. wtf Has it ever occurred to you that maybe Japanese is just an easier language to learn? For three years I've been trying to explain to people that Japanese is super easy compared to French. I don't need to relearn an alphabet I've known my whole life, vowels never change and pronunciation is super easy. (Also, I find learning kanji [Chinese symbols] really easy cause you can use them as a crutch and don't have to worry about spelling.) But no one believed me. Well suck it!!! I really want to learn Korean. I travelled half way across the world to learn it. But I suck at it. haha Ok, not really funny. Sad if anything. But I must find the silver lining to this sad situation right? I was right. It's a Taurus thing. Deal with it.

I have a new phone now. I went to Lantern Festival. I'm off all the meds. School festival, Teacher's Day and Buddha's Birthday was all this past week. I went a jazz festival yesterday and met a lot of really awesome people. Wow, I have people to make dirty jokes with now. haha 

Still some shitty things I must deal with, but I'm feeling a lot better. And semester is almost finished. Good and bad thing. Good cause I finally get to go to Gwangju and see old friends again. Bad cause I'm going to have to start saying goodbye to people soon. 

So I guess the point of this post was to explain why I haven't been blogging. haha So much on my plate, but it's clearing up. As crazy as the past three weeks have been, I have still managed to NOT hide in my bed and feel sorry for myself like usual. (Although I still sometimes am feeling sorry for myself.)  I have met so many people and experienced so many new things. (I got to meditate with some Buddhist nuns. So cool.) Also finally made it to Hello Kitty Café. Pretty sure I had planned for that to be one of my first stops in Korea. haha Thank you John for putting up with that.

Ok, proper posts on all that I've done to come. Still got stories from early April. wtf


파전 / 해물전

March 30, 2013. 

This was a good day. I went for lunch with Daphne. We decided not to go to one of two restaurants that we frequent often. I had every intention of taking a picture of what we ate, but we were both so hungry that we forgot. It was good. I had some kind of fried fish dish. I think it was the first time I had fish in Korea that wasn't in the form of fish cakes. 

After that we headed to a drug store (Olive something), kinda like Shoppers but without the drugs? And wow, I found tampons. I was so tempted to buy them cause I currently hate my cup. But the fact that you can't flush anything down the toilet in Korea kind of defeats the purpose, and makes tampons look less appealing. Ah well. Also found some Sally Hansen nail polish in this store. I don't know what Koreans think SH is all about, but someone needs to speak up and let it be known that this is NOT a $16 a bottle brand. What is that? haha Anywho, we were in there for a long time, literally looking at everything in the store. It felt a little too much like a store where you just go to buy beauty products and whatnot, so we found the little snack section by the entrance kind of amusing. Didn't buy anything there though. 

Then we headed to this store where Daphne had picked up some cheap nail polish recently… 

1000won each, and good quality too 

We got back home after six and I got ready to meet John (우중). We first met in Newfoundland cause he did and exchange at my school last semester. I was so excited to finally see a familiar face. When we were making plans I suggested we go to Hongdae (홍대), but then I remembered back in NL I told him that I really like pajeon (파전) and he told about a famous place to get some. So I brought it up to him and he laughed cause apparently this place is about five minutes from where I live. -__- Well don't I feel dumb. I literally told him to forget about Hongdae, I wanted pajeon. What a fatass. lol The place is super close to Hoegi station (회기역), in case you ever want to go, and this area is full of jeon restaurants. Never seen such a thing. Like you would expect a whole bunch of restaurants selling a similar product would want to spread out to maximise their earnings, but not here. 

So we go into one of the restaurants and the place was packed. Good thing it was only the two of us. I'm really bad at ordering food and if there isn't a picture menu, it's not happening. So John orders and whatever, I trust whatever will be out in front of me… 

haha wtf The food just kept coming. Like how this can be for two? 

I really loved the corn. So simple but really tasty. And I love the tteokbokki (떡볶이) as usual and of course the jeon was amazing. It was pajeon for half and seafood one (해물전) in other half. Seafood is my favourite kind. But the unexpected star of the show? Konbbang. haha these little snacks at the back of table beside of the alcohol. So yummy. They're covered in sugar but it took me a good 20 minutes to realise it was sugar and not salt. (Had this problem from kindergarten.) And apparently they aren't usually sweet one. I haven't found any with sugar in the stores yet. Also drank makgeolli (막걸리), cause you can't have jeon without it. It was pretty good. 

John taught me how to ask for more of whatever. (Why hadn't I learnt this one in class yet?) The Aunty was super nice. And then she was telling John that she sent her son abroad to learn English, and he comes back but her English still better than his one. Waste of money she said. ahaha And later John is reteaching me to ask for more of something cause my memory is shot, but I took so long that next Aunty hears the whole thing so as soon as I call her she just gets what I was going to ask for. >< 

And then something strange happened. Never would in Canada unless you knew the owner of a place. John had to pick something up at the store so he tells one of the Aunties, we get up and leave to go to the store. She wasn't pleased, but whatever she trusted we’d come back. HOW!?! How this can happen? He fully left his bag there and we walked out of the restaurant to go to the store. Obviously we went back. But I was really in shock about this. I was so amazed by the trust Korean people have in each other. And it's not just with things like this. Shopkeepers and stores leave their merch out on the side walk unattended and no one takes anything away. People leave their bags unattended all the time and it doesn't get stolen. Why can't Canada be more like this?

So by the end of the day I was super full. We didn't finish everything. But I brought home konbbang. haha It's so good. Most people take their leftovers home from a meal, but I ask for more snack. Really happy about this day. One of my favourites in Korea so far. 

Thank you Daphne and John for such a great day!!! ^_^