I've Moved...

and I have no internet.

Sitting outside the CU on campus stealing wifi. I've been living in Gwangju for just over a week now, and I have been without internet on my computer the whole time. Didn't think this would be so painful. 

So much has happened since I last posted. I have said many goodbyes and shed many tears. I also sold my soul to the devil joined instagram. (@yvwinter) And why is it that as soon as I sign up for the damn thing they decide on a stupid video upgrade? I can't win with these fools. 

Anywho. I love Gwangju so far. It feels a lot different from Seoul yet very fimiliar. Because of the program I'm doing I have been doing so many cultural activities and we're constantly on the move. I learned how to make kimchi yesterday, I've been in a cable car and I went to a garden expo which thankfully didn't have too many flowers. The universe is on my side. I've also managed to take roughly 500 pictures on my phone and camera. So expect to see a lot of pictures on this and my photo blog as soon as I get internet on my computer. I can't wait to post about all these things.

There are a lot of Americans on this trip and I was super worried because I met some of the worst Americans in Seoul and basically lost hope that I'd find some decent ones. But for the most part, the Americans here are best kind. They're not talking about their love for guns (yes, that happened in Seoul) or showing off to anyone who will give them a second. So I'm very thankful for getting a good group here. There's also a lot of Australians on the trip and wow. These guys are fun. I want to go to Australia now. 

Ok, blogging on a phone is no fun. Hoping to be back soon with a proper post. Follow me on twitter and instagram @yvwinter and I'd say to follow me on tumblr but my queue's run out. Nothing happening over there. ♥



Exams are over and I finally have time to get some proper posts out before I begin classes again next week.

April 14, 2013

Finally I got to meet up with one of my friends who I met in Canada…

Meet JiEun (지은). She did her exchange last semester at MUN. We didn't even meet until after exams, but we hit it off right away. We met again in Toronto during the winter break. So a few several weekends ago we got to meet again!! So cool that we've now met three times in three different cities.

We had plans long before this to go to Insadong together, but something came up about three weeks in a row. So I was so excited when this actually happened. I took the subway, like a big kid, to meet her at Anguk station and the first thing we did was get some lunch.

So good… \^.^/
Chicken and beef

Now for some shopping. I started buying some stuff to bring back to Canada, so I obviously can't post here. haha You all have to wait so long for these. :P

We went into one shop that sells traditional clothing. So comfortable, but super expensive. 대학생이에요. 돈이없어요. ㅠㅠ haha whatevs. One of the aunties kept going on and on to JiEun about how pretty I am. Whaaa!!! Why all the aunties and uncles in Korea love me? Maybe one of them can adopt me so I can stay forever. ^^

Then we head to this part of Insadong that has a lot of shops. I can't remember the name.

From this picture the levels look flat, but it actually spirals up. Yay no stairs!!

First stop in here was a tea shop. There was free sampling of ginseng tea (인삼차). I really liked it, which I later found out is strange. Everyone says it's too bitter, but the bitterness is temporary. I think it's kind of sweet.

Then we walked our way up and popped into a few shops. Next we took some pictures in Hanbok. It was funny when we walked in cause buddy running the place says hi to us in Korean and then asks us if we speak Korean. haha I find out in following weeks that when it's just me with one other Korean, people will think my friend is a foreigner too. wtf He was super cool though. He speaks Korean, Japanese and English. wtf Marry me. While we were waiting for the booth to get free all of a sudden buddy comes up to me to dress me. ಥ◡ಥ ok sure!!! Get so close and take so much care of me. haha Felt a little awkward when he ties the front for me. I think this is what brides feel. I felt so special and then he put the headband on me. Ah, so much care. And making conversation with me the whole time to. Talking about Canada I think. Everyone loves Canada. lol ok enough gushing. 

haha Ok these style of pictures I super love. I was happy I decided to put on a face this day, but the computer makes you look really good too.

After we went to another part on the top level of this place. 

Couple of giraffes chillin

There's a whole walkway and trees covered with love notes.

Just around the corner is a huge mortar and pestle. You won't believe how long it took for me to find out what this thing's called. ಠ_ಠ

I feel just as awkward as I look

So much love. I will return here with 아저씨 and put one up.

My new friends

You see this everywhere

Little buddies at the base of a garden

We had this snack with red bean paste. It was good up until I hit a walnut. -__- I'm going to die here. I have eaten nut products or something with nuts in it about four or five already. 

Difficult to see cause it's an electronic sign, but this place you can get coffee and beer. I love this country.

View from café 
Mountains, palace and city life all in one picture

I had plum tea. Didn't know this existed. It was so sweet. When I go back I'd probably get this one again and completely ignore the extensive menu they have.

Even on the sign people leave their little messages

And on the fake tree inside

Another view from the café 

Made another friend

This was such a good day. Thank you so much JiEun for spending the day with me!! I had so much fun. 


Poor Me

I have been sick for over a week now. On the 9th I was waiting for Daniel outside of the 711 to go for dinner and out of no where I get a sneeze attack. It only got worse form there. I missed two days of school. Which is fantastic cause you know, I'm failing second level miserably. Then I slowly started to get better. Sort of. My runny nose turned into a cough that I couldn't shake. I couldn't find any Buckley's but I got random cough syrup. It seemed to work. By the end of the week, I was almost as good as new. Still had a bit of a cough, but I was managing. Then I wake up this morning with a sore throat, runny nose and the cough had returned full force. Did I mention that today was my first day of exams? 

I figure I'm sick cause of all the stress I'm under. Failing class, huge lack of support from my family when it comes to my depression, saying my goodbyes and kind of stressing out about my summer program. 

On the 6th I was hoping to see a friend that would be leaving on the weekend but things didn't work out so I never got to say goodbye. And then on the same night John told me that he'd be going to Australia next month. For a year. The tears came by the bucket loads. I have to say goodbye to him this week cause I head out to Gwangju on Friday. Sorry John, but the tears haven't dried up yet. Prepare yourself. haha

I also have to sort of say goodbye to my classmates. Only one of them is actually going back home, but I won't have class with any of the rest next semester so I won't get to see them as often. Daphne's going home too. The worst part? I have no time to rest. I have closing ceremony on Friday, then sign out of dorm, hop on a train (still haven't bought my ticket), get settled into new dorm, and then wake up on Saturday ready to do temple stay and something else I can't remember. Sunday will be full out stuff to do as well and then I start classes on Monday. ಠ_ಠ Dying. 

I've also been thinking a lot about the future too. Trying to figure out a way to get back to Korea. Also want to be out of Canada as much as possible, cause I truly believe there is nothing for me to do there. I have no motivation. There's plenty for people to do I'm sure, but I'm over it. I have lived in four different provinces to date. I fell in love with two of them, but I can't see myself spending the rest of my life in either of those places. I don't want a comfortable life. I want adventure. Maybe I'd give one more province a try down the road. Please remember that as much as I bad mouth Canada, I'm pretty damn lucky to have been born there. This much I know. That being said, I won't settle. There's more to this world and I want to see it all. 

The last time I talked to some people in my family, I realised that maybe it's best I stay out of the country. I feel like I don't have much over there. So why stress myself out by living somewhere I hate, don't feel safe, can't afford and where the people who should be supporting you aren't? This last one shouldn't surprise me anymore. I also only have about three good friends back in Canada. I love them dearly, I just can't be by their sides for the rest of our lives. We all have our own things to do and unless I'm seeing them everyday, I might as well go and see what the world has to offer. 

So that's the plan. Go back and finish school and as soon as I'm done, get my ass on a plane out of Canada. I've got a list of places I'd like to go, I just need to figure where I want to go first. Of course I want to come back to Korea, but my window for coming back here is a lot bigger than some other countries on my list. Like Ireland. Serious question: How's Ireland for black people? I'm 100% cool with being a super visible minority Korea. The only time I'm not a minority is at family dinners. But what's it like in Ireland? haha Please please please let me know. Leave a comment or send me an email, winter2789@yahoo.ca
Be super honest.

So now I'll lay here for a bit. Gather some strength though listening to some soundtrack scores and taking the occasional sip of ginseng tea. I have no desire to eat anything which is killing me. I am so hungry, my head is throbbing and it still hurts to swallow even water. 

I'll leave you with this....

I didn't like it at first but over the pas few days it's been on repeat.

Don't forget it's Bra Free Month.


Olympus Has Fallen


I went to see this movie on Wednesday with a group of classmates. I had just seen the trailer hours before. I hadn't heard of the movie prior. Part of the problem with living abroad. When I first started watching the trailer I thought "Eww. Who wants to watch a Gerard Butler movie?" haha Really not a fan of him. But then I see Morgan Freeman and Buddy from Batman Begins, and it's looking all actiony. So I think "Ok, I'll watch it anyways. How bad can it be?"

Don't read on if you haven't watched the movie.

I wasn't on team America. Ok, I wasn't on team North Korea either. In reality they're super annoying. But I wasn't going to start crying if the movie had a different outcome. Someone stands up to this giant terrorist nation, and I'm supposed to feel bad for them? haha Nope. But at the same time, I'm thinking, "If this were real, I'd either be in Canada or South Korea when it's all going down." haha a.k.a I'd be dead. So there's that.

I really hated how evil this movie made the North Koreans out to be. I know they're supposed to be the enemy, but then you have Dave Forbes. Used to work for America's secret service or something but then turned "bad" and is working with the N. Koreans. If he's bad then he's bad right? Just like the rest of the N. Koreans. Wrong. They make this guy good in his last moments. They make the white guy look good in his last moments. This man helped the N. Koreans take the damn white house, and they make him a good guy in the end!! Are you fucking kidding me? No. It wouldn't have gone down like that. He was one the other side, and earlier expressed good reason to be. He should have gone out just like everyone else on his side did. He would have gone out the same.

I couldn't help but laugh at one point when they were showing a bunch of newscasts about the situation, and one of them mentioned the joy and celebration in other countries. haha So accurate. One thing Hollywood knows is that a whole lot of countries hate America. And the ones that don't are constantly laughing at the country's stupidity. Good job there. 

This movie was really interesting to watch. It seemed so unrealistic. Attacks like this don't happen on American soil. Or Canadian, British, Australian... blah blah blah. This stuff doesn't happen to the white nations. It really seemed so distant and almost laughable. I don't know how I feel about this. I'm obviously super thankful that I've never had to live through anything like that, but look at the ones who do. And then look at the people who are doing it to them. Part of the reason I wasn't shedding a tear while watching. Indifferent really.

The movie was a little too graphic for my liking. The amount of times I had to cover my face or regret not covering my face... 
ಠ_ಠ And there was a lot of that-would-never-happen moments. But it was entertaining. Morgan Freeman proved himself to be the best leader of America in films. Aaron Eckhart wasn't too convincing, but I didn't mind looking at his beautiful face. And Rick Yune was after my heart in this movie...

Let me love you

If this movie is still playing in theatres in your country, go see it. It'll be worth your money if you like looking at beautiful men and things exploding.