On Languages

Another Friday night by myself...

Sitting here listening to Louis Jean Cornier and convincing myself that I am finally ready to learn French. Again. I have tried in the past, but I've come to the conclusion that it's impossible to learn a language when there's a shit load of pressure to just know it. People often blamed my lack of skill in French on me just not wanting to learn the language, and that was true for school, but I tried in Katimavik. Not successful though. Its kind of hard to speak a language without a decent vocabulary. So telling a beginner to tell you about their day at the dinner table is not going to work. Fuck! Give me time. Korea was no better with this. So much pressure to speak in only Korean. Would be easy if I knew how to say anything. Cannot make a whole damn paragraph in a foreign language without a lot of time and a dictionary by my side. 

My official second language is Japanese. It sucks now, but when I was at my best, I was comfortable with it. Not because I was good, I was never fluent. But I was comfortable with it because I had a patient teacher who didn't push us through the material and pressure us to be able to spit out good sentences right off the bat. Heck, look at all the rules I break when writing in English. When I went on to study Japanese on my own, I had enough confidence in myself to keep picking up new things, and it helped. When I entered university Japanese, I flew through those courses with ease. 

Confidence is key to learning a new language, and it won't come out of barking down someone's throat or expecting too much from them too soon. So this spring I will give French a try again. I'll only be taking one other course so I think I'll be able to manage. And when I return to Toronto for the summer I hope I can sign up for another Korean course. A relaxed one. I know I'll do a decent job. Korean grammar is the easiest part of the language for me, so all the focus will go into building my vocab. Now all I gotta do is suffer through these next few weeks of classes and I'll have a nice three week long break full of watching Doctor Who and The Tudors.

Happy Language Learning!!

Super bored one from back in Korea.

Asano Tadanobu

Some background…

Asano Tadanobu is my second favourite actor of all time, second only to Sir Sidney Poitier. That's a big deal. Asano is in my favourite movie, Café Lumière, and I like almost every movie I've watched with him in it. Check out this post to find out some of the other movies of his that I highly recommend. I can always count on this man to put a smile on my face. He comes off as a big kid. Silly pictures on instagram and sometimes the sweetest person on twitter. I'm sure he's not all sunshine and lollipops. I sometimes get an interesting reaction from Japanese people when his name comes up haha. But hey, no one's perfect. Lies. Tom Hiddleston is totally perfect. Anywho, he's an amazing actor and I hope he continues to do what he does for a very long time. 

Sorry for cropping your buddy out.

Moving on…

A few days ago I screen capped some pictures of Asano. He has been posting some really nice pictures of himself lately and I had time on my hands. So I made a collage of some of my more recent favourites and posted it on instagram tagging him in it. The next morning Buddy himself liked the picture!! I was so shocked. Had to check back about ten times. I was so happy. This is Xiaxie, QiuQiu and Audrey responding to my tweets all rolled up into one, times 1000.

Too bad that was the highlight of my day. Check out my Dayre for a look at the collage and to see how the rest of my day went. If nothing else good ever happens in my life again, I will have this to look back on. 
浅野 忠信、ありがとうございました!


YG Fail?

2012 was an amazing year for YG Entertainment, and not just for PSY. New albums were released for BigBang, 2NE1 (Japanese) and Epik High, although the EH album wasn't the best, and world tours as well. They gained a whole lot of international attention, and it was looking like YG was going places.

Sadly 2013 wasn't too hot. There were a few moments where I thought something big was going to happen, but nothing came of them. "Ringa Linga" by Taeyang is an amazing song and the dance video was perfect. But no album. Then "Doom Dada", another great song, this time from T.O.P. But again, no album. Way to get my hopes up. Also, I've been waiting for a new album from PSY since the fall. G-Dragon put out an album and it was ok, but I've never been crazy about most of his solo work. The GD&TOP album was the best I've ever heard from him. 

So we said goodbye to 2013 and finally we get a new album from  CL and the Supremes 2NE1, "Crush". Four years we've waited and what do we get? Not much. It isn't bad, but it certainly isn't good. And they randomly threw Scream in there, cause you know, that was such a memorable song.(︶︿︶)

I did like the "Come Back Home" music video though. I kept thinking Matrix and Cloud Atlas while I was watching it. 

I don't know what's going on with this label, but I'm kind of over the just okayness of what they keep putting out. Apparently Epik High is back in the studio, but I don't know how long that wait is going to be. The only things that I have to really look forward to is a BigBang and PSY comeback. I would love a Gummy comeback too, but I won't hold my breath waiting for that. If no one can get their act together at least I'll still have these memories. No way I'm going over to SM or JYP. But please YG, give me something good.

What do think about the new 2NE1 album?


PyeongChang 2018

I missed out one the recent games cause boycotting and such. Was more difficult than I thought it would be cause I really love watching them. But I'm glad the final hockey game wasn't as big a deal as it was in Vancouver. Or at least that's what I'm told. I did watch Yuna Kim's performance though cause someone posted it on fb. I'm not a fan of figure skating anymore, but she had me in tears wtf. I think she should have gotten gold for that alone. haha And I did skip to the part of the closing ceremony that had Korea showing their little presentation. I still remember when Italy, Canada and Russia did there little presentation at the end of the closing ceremonies of the country they were taking over from. But this one not so big. I did love it cause the performers were singing Arirang and I love that song so much. Then I cried to myself for a while because I really miss Korea. haha Big baby I am.

I didn't know where the next winter games were going to be
 until about two weeks ago, and I freaked out when I saw that it will be in Korea. When I finish my undergrad in two years, I'm gonna be hopping on a plane headed for Korea. Or a plane head for Vancouver and then another one headed for Korea. But whatever. I'll either be there teaching or working on my master's wtf. I AM GOING TO BE LIVING IN KOREA DURING THE GAMES!!! This is more exciting than the Vancouver games in a way. Obviously I won't have the same pride of "my country is hosting the games", mind you, my pride in this country has gone down dramatically since 2010. But this time around I’m going to have access to the games. Canada is stupid and the cost of plane tickets alone would make it impossible for a poor college student in Toronto to make it out to Vancouver, but Korea is small and super cheap. (By Canadian standards.) So not only will I be able to make it out to events, but they're going to be only an hour away, if I go straight into my master's. And at most, five hours by a bus that only cost me $30. So yeah, I'm excited. Also school doesn't start until March so I'd be able to spend more than just a weekend in PyeongChang. 

I probably shouldn't go straight into my master's though cause some events are gonna be really expensive. So better if I go straight into teaching. Either way, I'm going to be there and I am so pumped for it. I will also blog about the games as they are happening. Probably more frequently than I did for the London games. Hopefully I'll even have pictures that I took myself.

Check out this video that the PyeongChang 2018 team put up a little while ago. Loves it…

Wait. Will I still be blogging four years from now? haha